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Quality orthodontics in a caring and pleasant atmosphere has been our primary goal. It is essential that patients in need of orthodontic care receive treatment from an Orthodontist Specialist, one who is a member of AAO. This means that your orthodontist has successfully competed 2-3 years of a residency program after finishing dental school.


Our practice is limited to Orthodontics. We recognize that every patient has different needs and therefore each treatment plan will be customized to patients' oral and facial characteristics. We discuss orthodontic x-rays and treatment plan options with each patient according to their unique and individual needs. Orthodontic x-rays and treatment plan options will be thoroughly explained and discussed with patients and parents. We encourage parental involvement in our decision making process as well as informing them of the treatment progress at each appointment. Dr. Azizi always welcomes any questions patients or parents may have regarding the treatment.


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Our practice goal is to make our patients' visits a fun and pleasant experience during treatment time. We are equipped with Play Station Two, for patient’s amusement. We use flavored gloves and impression materials, which make the experience more enjoyable. There are colors of ties that patient can choose from and color coordinate.


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